Tuesday Tutorial: Bleu Tuna Sandwiches

Bleu Tuna Sandwiches

So the other day I noticed that I did not have anything in my pantry or fridge that seemed to make a complete meal. I bounced back and forth desperately trying to figure out what to make for lunch and finally decided to just go for it. The result…Bleu Tuna Sandwiches! These are super simple to make, healthy, and if my husband liked them, then most anyone will like them.

Ingredients. Makes 2 whole pita sandwiches


1 can solid white albacore tuna in water
1 apple
Baby spinach leaves
Whole wheat pita
Lite bleu cheese dressing (I just used the serving size for the amount I put in)
Crumbled bleu cheese

The Ninja is AWESOME!

Step One:

Chop up your apple into little pieces so that it is easy to put into a sandwich. I just purchased the Ninja at Target and I love it! It chopped up my apple into tiny bits in about 5 seconds…yes, I am serious.


Step Two:

Combine tuna, bleu cheese dressing, bleu cheese crumbles and the apple bits into a bowl. I don’t like my tuna sandwiches to be dripping with dressing, so I only put in about 2 tablespoons of dressing.

Toasty pitas are happy pitas.

Step Three:

Toast your pitas. I do not have a monstrous toaster so I just deal with the fact that one end of my pita is indeed not toasted, and you know what? I am ok with that.


Step Four:

Place baby spinach leaves into your sandwich and then stuff the tuna mixture into the pita as well. That’s it! Hope you enjoy this quick and easy meal!!