OMG…it’s 2013.'s 2013

OMG…it’s 2013

2012 is gone and it’s time to move on. Obviously, I can not speak for everyone, but 2013 seems like it’s going to be a fabulous year! When I look back on last year, I can’t help but think of the tragedies and disasters that occurred, and how they affected the entire world. Fortunately, for many,  there were glimmers of success,  joyous occasions, and just plain old good days that helped to keep the world turning on a positive note. Here is what Maya Angelou had to say about last year and moving on to this year:

“In 2012 nature and the mad nature of some human beings caused us to wonder how can we go on. From super storm Sandy to the Colorado movie house shooting and the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, we have been pressed to find some answers to the question, why, me why us, why now? As we come into 2013, we bring with us the need to find answers and the hope to find what can we do to prevent the recurrence of these despairing occurrences. I think we must commit to a commitment to all human beings and a decision to accept our responsibility to nature’s outpouring and human misbehavior. I wish that we could say with Horace Mann that each of us should be “ashamed to die until you have won some victory for mankind.” I think we must surrender the despair of unexpected cruelty and extend the wonder of unexpected kindnesses to ourselves and to each other. 2013 can bring us the chance to be kind to each other and kind to ourselves. We deserve each other and each others generosity.”

This year, let’s be light on our hearts and give out smiles like they are on the brink of extinction!! It’s not Monday, but let’s get some new year motivation going anyway!!!!




This is a good one.







Things To Do Thursday: Kind Kudos!

This Thursday Polka Dot Tango asks you to give a complete stranger a compliment! This is something that is so simple, but can make a huge positive impact on someone’s life. Giving a compliment should come from one’s heart in order for it to be genuine to the person who is receiving it.

Why would a compliment matter to a stranger? Most of the time, a courteous expression will mean a lot to a stranger as much as it does to someone you know…if not more so at times. The recipient will be surprised that someone took notice of something that most will pass as something not so extraordinary. Friends always give compliments to each other, but when it’s from someone unexpected, they feel there is more of a truth to what they are saying.

Here is a list of why compliments are AWESOME!!!

• It could brighten someone’s day
• It could raise their confidence
• You could possibly make a new friend
• There is a chance that you will learn something
• It is face to face time, rather than face to screen time
• There could be a wonderful story that is told as a result of the compliment
• They may pass along a compliment to another stranger, and the cycle may continue
• It’s just a nice thing to do 🙂

Have fun today and we know you will do amazing!