DIY Valentine Mobile!


This Valentine’s DIY is inspired by crafts I used to do with my Mom and at school. I had been struggling with a Valentine DIY idea that was simple, fun, and cheap, and so my Mom reminded me of this. Yes, it is a simple craft and some may say it is juvenile, but I still get the same enjoyment out of it as I did years ago! Most everyone already has the supplies in their home and have the know how to create a gorgeous Valentine Mobile! Keep on reading for some simple instructions.


You will need:

Wax Paper




Pencil Sharpener

Embroidery Floss

Paint Brush



Step One:

Begin to paint your dowel. I like to do this first because paint can take a while to dry. I wanted to paint my dowel gold and pink stripes so to achieve this I used painters tape and painted each color one at a time. This step can easily be continued throughout the other steps, this way, you are not left anxiously awaiting for a dowel to dry once all the other steps have been completed.


Step Two:

Begin by peeling the paper off of your crayons. When you start to shave your crayons, make sure the peels are landing onto the wax paper. I chose to break up my crayon shavings so that there would be more color variation throughout. Apply a second layer of wax paper on top of your crayon shavings and first layer of wax paper. Then you will place the newspaper over all of it and iron. Please note that when you are using your iron it is not set on a very high heat. A high heat will cause the crayon to melt tremendously, possibly making your crayon shavings and wax paper look somewhat like a weird blood sample. Better to use a lower heat continuously.


Step Three:

Cut out your hearts. You can use a self made template or be gutsy and cut them out as you go along. I also hole punched a hole in the top center of the heart. It would also be cute to have them hang from the corner as well.


Step Four:

String your hearts with the embroidery floss. I didn’t knot them because the wax paper is kind of fragile and I didn’t want too much tension on them. I also used embroidery floss to hang the mobile.


Step Five:

Add some love, otherwise known as photos. This step is completely optional, but if you wanted to make your mobile even more lovey-dovey then add some photos of your loved ones! Your kids, significant other, friends, pets, family, dentist, whoever!!! I think it adds a little something special. 🙂


The Finished Product!

This was a great DIY that was easy to do and fun at the same time. Pop in a movie, get out your supplies and get to it! Let Polka Dot Tango know if you remember doing the old wax paper and crayon trick, or if you are going to try and make yourself a mobile! Have fun!!!



Tuesday Tutorial: Eggstra Special Eggs!

How lovely!

With Easter right around the corner, who doesn’t want to dye eggs! Yes, I do understand and completely acknowledge the fact that I am an adult but I love decorating eggs! This year I decided to hand paint them in a few of this years hot trendy colors and of course add some sparkle to make them appear a bit more magical.

Here’s what you will need:

Thin paint brushes (because these are chicken eggs, not ostrich)
Acrylic paints in any color you choose
Paper towels to quickly erase mistakes
A cup of water to rinse your brush
Glitter spray paint if you wish

Step One:

Boil the eggs. Boom!

Step Two:

Wait until the eggs are warm enough to hold. I would not recommend waiting for them to cool completely only because the paint dries ten times faster when the eggs are warm. Grab your paint brush and paint away! If your design is something that requires some paint drying time, I recommend you find the cap to a bottle and set your egg on top of it. This little cap will act as a holder for your egg and has minimal contact with the egg, meaning minimal damage to the wet paint.

Step Three:

Let your eggs dry.

Step Four:

If you are feeling magical, grab the spray glitter and spray away. I kept all of my eggs in their crate and sprayed one side of the eggs, ate lunch, flipped the eggs and sprayed the other side. Done!

Step Five:

Hide your eggs for the little ones around you or for the big one next to you! Doesn’t matter who is looking for them because whoever finds them will be delighted!

Silvery Glitter

How much more fashion can you get with these eggs?

Glowing Gold Glitter

Love Spring!