Tanks Are Right On Target!

This season Target’s Mossimo line seems to have stepped it up a bit. The styles remind me of summers long ago when I was riding my bike around the cul-de-sac and fashion was one of the last things on my mind. My latest Mossimo purchase was a long striped, “sun-washed” tank top for $12.99. It’s perfect because 1) it’s long, 2) it’s not cut too low in the front, and 3) it covers my bra straps. I instantly fell in love with it and desired to wear it everywhere but was trying to figure out how I could get away with wearing it to work. The answer was hard to find in my closet that I have been desperately trying to keep down in size but I naturally paired it with another Target item! I bought these cropped pants last year on sale for $7 and I felt that they added an instant coolness to the tank top while maintaining a somewhat professional look.

Very few things make me smile bigger than a complete outfit that costs less than $100. Here’s what I wore:

• Mossimo tank top: $12.99

• Target crop pants: $7

• Stella Laguna Beach Necklace and Earrings set: $9

• Steve Madden heels (about ten years old): $50

• Mom’s Natori necklace worn as bracelet: FREE!

Let Polka Dot Tango know if you love to bargain shop at Target or anywhere else! We would love to hear how you keep your fabulous outfits on the lower end of the price scale!!


Let’s Go Monday, LET’S GO!!!!

I have always loved Mary Poppins and just thinking of that movie makes me smile. I would rent it every time my family went to the video store.

Today is Monday and I am sure that is not a big surprise to you. This last weekend I went back to SoCal to visit my family and of course, it was wonderful to see them and sad to leave. My Grandma is as beautiful as ever and her eyes light up my soul. My Mother is still gorgeous and makes me feel like I am four feet tall again even though I am six inches taller than her. My Dad is so calming and truthful and I love to just sit and chat with him because he tells me how it is. My Brother continues to share his innovative ideas and intrigues me with his projects and my Nephew runs me like a greyhound having me chase him and practice catching for his next baseball game. I am so thankful this is my family.

My good mood is still lingering from the weekend and I have found some excellent inspirations. Please enjoy and tell us about your weekend!!

I love this one.

This is so true and is a great reminder. I think I’m going to put it on my mirror.

Simply said.