Cut offs

Cut offs are once again very popular this summer. It’s a huge DIY trend to not only make your own cut offs but to embellish them as well. Studs, ombre dyed, adding lace, decorative pockets, etc. Here’s a really cute idea of ombre bleaching the top part of the jeans and using fabric paints to make an awesome design:

Although I am not a big fan of the fit, vintage Levi 501’s and a crop top seems to be the big hit this summer. There are tons already embellished and ready for you to wear available on Etsy as well as local boutiques. Or just it up the local thrift store and pick up some old jeans and pull out the scissors, bleach, paint, and studs. Here’s a style I’ve seen numerous times. Just cut along the outer edge of the back pockets and add large studs:

Or just add studs to the entire back pocket:

Here’s a pair that I made at work using Tulip One Step Dye in Coral, Tulip Iron on Studs, and Tulip Soft paints:

And don’t forget to run to forever 21 to choose from their hundreds of crop tops to go with those new cut offs!


Fashion Friday: Leopard Print

It’s just about impossible for me to walk past something leopard print and not stop to contemplate on purchasing it or not. My collection of leopard print clothing is starting to get out of control.  The one problem with leopard print is that there is a fine line between fashionable and trashy. But when done right, it can be very stylish! Here are some ideas on how to wear leopard print without looking like Peg Bundy from Married With Children.


Get catty and have a great Friday! =)