Walk, Bike, Pogo This Way!


Last week I walked to work and it felt great. Yesterday, I rode my bike to work  and I could not stop smiling! I felt like a kid again! What I am trying to get at, is this Things To Do Thursday, try getting somewhere, anywhere, differently.

Here are some options:

Walk – The great part about walking is that you only need a decent pair of shoes, which makes it completely cost-efficient.

Bike – You will get there much more quickly than walking, but cost does go up a little (unless you’re into fancy walking shoes). It’s easier and easier to find a bike at a yard sale or Target!

Skate – Rollerblades or the traditional quad skates are amazing. I know rollerblades may not be the coolest right now, but if you grew up in the 80’s & 90’s like I did, you know you still want to use them.

Carpool – When I lived in Los Angeles I only dreamed of having a co-worker or someone that worked around LA that I could carpool with. I even thought of putting a car seat in my car, but that would have been completely horrible and not to mention illegal. Even if your commute does not take two hours to get there, carpooling is fabulous for your mind and your wallet.

Public Transportation – I am envious of New York or countries where public transportation is king! I would love to hop on a subway or grab the “whatever it may be” into town. To be able to mingle with different people, aromas, and sights on a daily basis would be such a mind massage!

These were the only options I could come up with…besides Pogo, which I do not need to elaborate on. If you have any other ideas in mind, please let Polka Dot Tango know!!!!

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset!!!


Reflect on your day by watching the sunset.

This Things to do Thursday, why not make an effort to take some time out of your day and simply watch the sunset. I would say watch the sunrise, but you will have to wait until tomorrow for that. Watching the sunrise and sunset always leaves me feeling a sense of calm but excitement. Each resemble a new beginning and an end, which either one can be refreshing depending on the kind of day you had. What’s also great about sunrise and sunset is that EVERYONE can watch them. You can walk out your front door and view its beauty.

Every blue moon I catch the sunrise, I kick myself in the butt because I can’t stand the fact that I don’t take the time to see that many of them. They are so serene and completely different than a sunset. As the sun comes up I feel like I am ultimately taking the day in my hands from the very beginning and not taking advantage of it. It is empowering to see the day unfold right before my eyes.

To give you some reasons to catch the sunset this evening, or many other evenings from now, I have collected some personal photos of mine. Enjoy and let Polka Dot Tango know if you are going to try and catch the sunrise tomorrow!










Lunch Date at the Zoo!


What a wonderful place the local Zoo is! Here in Fresno, they have the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, filled with more animals than you would expect and a newly added sea lion exhibit. I had not been to the zoo in years and figured it would be great to visit all those lovely animals on the first of the year. There are so many reasons to visit your local zoo, such as supporting your community, learning about animals, getting exercise in an exciting environment, and of course experiencing the petting zoo! Take a look at some of the beautiful animals I encountered during the visit. I am sure that you will want to go soon after viewing them!!! ROAR!

I got to feed a giraffe! Very exciting and very slobbery! Loved it!!!

I got to feed a giraffe! Very exciting and very slobbery! Loved it!!!


Just woke up from a nap.

This guy had the longest hair I had ever seen, which is probably why his lady friends was grooming him the entire time.

This guy had the longest hair I had ever seen, which is probably why his lady friends was grooming him the entire time.

He was definitely the trouble maker.

He was definitely the trouble maker.

I LOVE flamingos. They remind me of ballerinas.

I LOVE flamingos. They remind me of ballerinas.

Well hello cutie!

Well hello cutie!



Look at those eyes!

Look at those eyes!

Nature always amazes me!

Nature always amazes me!

Ahhhhh yeah...

Ahhhhh yeah…

So, we fell in love with this little guy and were trying to figure out how we could take him home.

So, we fell in love with this little guy and were trying to figure out how we could take him home.

The pelican. My favorite animal.

The pelican. My favorite animal.

I think this snake ate a glow stick.

I think this snake ate a glow stick.

So poisonous yet so adorable.

So poisonous yet so adorable.

She woke up VERY hungry.

She woke up VERY hungry.

Sooooooo relaxing....

Sooooooo relaxing….

How can you NOT smile when you look at this!?!

How can you NOT smile when you look at this!?!

















Things to do Thursday: Cheap dates

Is your wallet lacking cash? Or are you just trying to save up some money but you still want to have a fun time out with that special person in your life? You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a great time. There are plenty of things to do around town for about $20 or less per person. Here are a few examples:

United Artist Theater Clovis: Missed a movie that you wanted to see that was recently in theaters? Well it’s most likely now playing at UA Clovis theater. And for only $3.00. They may not have stadium seating but at least you’ll be able to afford some popcorn and sodas without draining your entire bank account!

Cal Skate Clovis: Not only is roller skating fun, but it’s a great work out for those legs! And it’ll make you feel like you’re back in junior high again! They also offer a discount for those who pay in cash. With the cash discount you’ll pay $9.00 per person. You can save even more money if you bring in your own skates.

Gateway Ice Center: Ice skating is a blast! But make sure to dress warm. (even if going in the middle of June) Admission is $7.00 plus an additional $4.00 for the skate rental.

Metal Mark: A day pass at this rock climbing gym will cost you only $15 and offer a “full package” of equipment rental if you don’t have any for only $6. They also offer fitness classes and monthly passes.

Woodward Park: Pack up a healthy lunch into a basket and grab a blanket. Enjoy the day outdoors and have a nice relaxing picnic date.

Engelmann Winery: Check out last week’s “Things to do Thursday” post.

Drive In Theater: I haven’t been to a drive in theater since a kid but I think it would be a great way to spend a date night. Unfortunately all the theaters in Fresno have shut down but a quick 30 minute drive will get you to the Madera drive in theater.

Bowling: Check out this past post: Things to do Thursday: Bowlerama

Mini Golf: Check out this past post: Things to do Thursday: Mini Golf

Or just stay in with a bottle of wine and a few different board games.

Still need more ideas? Check out these 50 cheap date ideas from Marie Claire.
And leave any other ideas you have in our comments section.

Things To Do Thursday: Mini Golf

Going out on a date, hanging out with some friends, babysitting? Miniature golf is the perfect option! It’s cheap, fun, and for any age group. We just went a couple weeks ago to Blackbeards’ to play for my boyfriend’s 27th birthday and (besides the nasty wind) we had a great time! There are a couple places in town to play mini golf:

Blackbeard’s Family Entertainment Center
4055 N. Chestnut Diagonal
Fresno, CA 93727

Adults: $7.50
Seniors & Juniors: $6.50
Replays: $5.75
There are 3 courses to choose from: Pirates, Storybook, & Western

Boomers Fresno
7354 N. Abby
Fresno, CA 93720
Adults: 27 points ($9.00)
Seniors & Children: 24 points ($8.00)

Blackbeard's Storybook Course

In my option, Blackbeard’s is much more fun(and cheaper)!!
Keep score and let us know what your favorite course was.

Motivational Monday!!!

Chalk drawings on a Sunday evening.

Hello Monday and welcome to the week! This Monday I am under the weather but am not letting it get me down! This Monday post is going to consist of photos I have taken in the last week that I think have a bit of whimsy to them. Enjoy!

Dandelions are the flowers in our yard. 🙂

Sleepy lil Marty.

Flowers at a friends new house.

Lovely scrumptious red velvet cupcake.

Driving into the sunset.

Tall trees in the wind.

Baby tree in the grass.

Trust this necklace.


Things To Do Thursday: Bowlerama!

I’m in the midst of watching the Big Lebowski and drinking a beer to get into the right state of mind for this post. (Which in my opinion, is pretty much the best movie ever made!) Does anyone else get as excited about bowling as I do? It only got better with age when I realized there were bars in every bowling alley in Fresno. (Besides Fresno State)

I tend to get quite competitive when it comes to bowling, although I tend to lose every time. Even when losing the game, I still have a blast every time. It never gets old listening to the rumble of the bowling balls hitting pins all around you and watching the little animations on the screens after every turn. Bowling is great for the fact that you can play alone, with your significant other, or with a huge group of friends.

There are 4 bowling alleys in Fresno to check out.
Sierra Lanes- 6450 N. Blackstone Ave (Blackstone & Sierra)
Cedar Lanes- 3131 N Cedar Ave (Cedar & Shields)
Rodeo Lanes- 140 Shaw Ave (Shaw & Minnewawa)
Fresno State Recreation Center ( plus pool tables)

“F*#k it dude. Let’s go bowling.”- Walter Sobchak

Things To Do Thursday



“There’s never anything to do in Fresno.” I’d definitely be rich if I were paid for the number of times I’ve had to listen to someone say this sentence throughout my life. Back in the day when I actually had time for a social life and my bedtime wasn’t 9:00, I ALWAYS had something to do every night of the week. People either are too lazy to really find something to do or they aren’t open to trying new things and checking out new places where they aren’t sure what to expect. Although I won’t have time this week to do any of these things myself, I decided to do all the legwork for you for this upcoming week.


Today 8th: Fierce Creatures, Coast Jumper, & Royal Canoe are playing at Audie’s Olympic at 9:00 $5-8 tickets http://www.lovethecaptive.com/event/89979/

Friday 9th: Rogue Festival in Tower. “Celebrating independent performance and art.” This festival started on the 1st and runs until the 10th. There are multiple events happening throughout each night at numerous locations. http://roguefestival.com/info/

Saturday 10th: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Fundraiser event hosted by The Junior League of Fresno. It’s a bit pricey at $50.00 but the money is for a good cause. 11am-2pm. Champagne, Fashion Show, Raffles, & Auction. http://www.jlfresno.org/events/breakfast-at-tiffanys.html

Sunday 11th:  The Stingray Bay opens back up at the Chaffee Zoo. It’s amazing to go and be able to touch all the stingrays as they swim by. I went a few months ago and there is one little ray that just loves attention! There are also sharks that you are suppose to be able to pet if you get lucky enough for them to swim near you. www.fresnochaffeezoo.org/index.php

Monday 12th: Monday’s are exhausting. Go home and read a book.

Tuesday 13th: Tuesday nights at Sierra Vista Cinemas, tickets are only $5.50.
The deal is even better when you have gift cards from X-mas to use! http://www.northamericancinemas.com/criterion.asp

Wednesday 14th: Open Mic Night with Tommy Delgado at Bablyon. 9PM
If they are anything like the Open Mic nights he use to host at Starline years ago, it could be a great time and they happen every Wednesday night! http://calendar.fresnobee.com/fresno_ca/events/show/232085684-open-mic-with-tommy-delgado

Thursday 15th: Art Hop!
First Thursday of every month is in Tower.
Third Thursday of every month is in Fresno’s metro areas.
It runs from 5:00-8:00 and it’s FREE! There are many places to visit.
Check out the website for venues and details. http://www.fresnoarthop.org/