Rose and glitter skull shirt

This cute shirt is super simple to make, all you need are:

Black Shirt
Floral Fabric (i purchased mine from Hancock Fabrics)
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion
Tulip Shimmer Sheets
Skull pattern (I just pulled on off the internet)
Freezer paper (optional)

After printing out a skull pattern (which I altered to make heart shaped eyes), use an exacto knife to cut the pattern out of the shimmer sheet. Next, remove protective plastic from the shimmer sheet and iron onto the floral fabric. Then cut the fabric around it to give the skull a small border. Cut out a few of the actual flowers from the fabric itself to be later attached to the front of the shirt. You can’t tell in the images but the cross bones are actually cut out of the shirt and the fabric was then glued on the inside of the shirt. You can do this or just cut out the cross bones from the fabric and glue on top of the shirt. If you are going to be cutting out the bones into the shirt, I recommend tracing the crossbones onto a pieces of freezer paper and ironing it onto the shirt and then cutting out the pattern. This will help you get nice straight clean cuts. Next use the Fabric Fusion glue to glue on the fabric crossbones, skull, and cut our flowers. Once dry, I cut out the collar on the shirt to make it an off the shoulder shirt.


Are YOU Kelly Kapowski?

Kelly’s got the look!

The 90’s are back and in full bloom! Floral prints are everywhere, from jeans to tops to maxi dresses and more. The last time I saw this trend was on Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, the original 90210, Friends, and of course Saved by the Bell. Kelly Kapowski was always the fashion icon for me and I dreamed that by the time I got to high school I would be as cool as her. Well, I never turned out to be a “Kelly Kapowski” in my school but I think now is my time! Polkadot Tango has put together three different outfits following this bouquet of 90’s trend and we hope that you can grab some inspiration and put your very own spin on it! Let us know what you think of this fashion style and if you dare to go back a bit and take it on!

Walk Among The Flowers
Earth Angel

FREE Yourself!

Free Yourself!!!!

This Things To Do Thursday is to Free Yourself! I don’t mean by taking off your bra, but if you are into that…More Power To You :)! The meaning I have behind this is to let your mind and inhibitions go for just a while. You don’t have to run out and get a tattoo or quit your day job, but to do just one thing just one day a week that makes you feel completely free. I am sure many people have so many different meanings of what this means. For me it can mean taking some time to doodle anything without having a plan or wearing that one article of clothing that has been hanging in your closet because it’s for a “special occasion” or you’re not sure if you can “pull it off”. All Polka Dot Tango is asking One Hour, One Day A Week. Below is a list of some simple ideas that may help you out with this task and I hope it helps or conjures up new ideas of your own!

Doodle with absolutely no idea what the final piece is going to look like.

Grab that article of clothing you have been dying to wear the last month or year and wear it! To work, to dinner, to bowling, wherever works.

Think of nothing. Really, nothing at all. Close your eyes, listen to what’s around you and your breathing, and don’t rush yourself.

Blow bubbles. I keep a bottle of bubbles in my car. True story.

Sing really really loud. Cracks, loss of voice, off key are all highly recommended if you are not blessed with the voice of an angel.

Say what’s on your mind knowing it will not kill you. It works miracles and you will get the greatest facial expressions back.

If you walk or run, do a cartwheel. If you don’t know how to do a cartwheel, throw up some rock on hand signs just because you’re awesome.

If you see a pretty flower, pick it and wear it in your hair.

Dance all the time.

Accept yourself and those around you. Do it peacefully and graciously.

These are just my ideas and of course everyone is different. I hope that this inspires you and let Polka Dot Tango know what you did to Free Yourself!

Tutorial Tuesday: Fabric and button flowers

During a recent department update meeting we learned how to make these quick and easy flowers made from fabric, buttons, and glue. You can use these to make numerous items such as hair clips, pins, necklaces, rings, etc. I really wanted to make something Friday night so I decided to raid the garage to find my plastic bin of fabric and buttons. Here is a quick photo tutorial on how they are made:

You will need:
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Either a pin, hair clip, hair band, etc.

First cut out 4 circles of your chose of fabric. The bigger the size, the larger your flower will be.

Place a small amount of glue into the center of the fabric circles.

Next, fold the fabric circle in half and add another drop of glue.

Then fold the fabric in half again. Place another drop of glue on the middle of the fold.

Place another folded fabric circle on top of the glue and repeat to make a complete circle.

Next, cut out a circle of felt that is smaller than your flower.

Apply glue to the entire back of the felt and attach to the back of the flower.

Pick out a matching button and glue to the center.
Now you get to decide if you want to make it a pin, hair clip, headband, necklace, whatever.