Tutorial Tuesday: Neon Spray Shirt

Neon has been HUGE this summer and although summer is almost over, you still have time to sport this trend. Here’s a video tutorial where I show you 3 different ways on how to make a super cute neon shirt using fabric spray is less than 5 minutes. Enjoy!


Tutorial Tuesday: Fabric and button flowers

During a recent department update meeting we learned how to make these quick and easy flowers made from fabric, buttons, and glue. You can use these to make numerous items such as hair clips, pins, necklaces, rings, etc. I really wanted to make something Friday night so I decided to raid the garage to find my plastic bin of fabric and buttons. Here is a quick photo tutorial on how they are made:

You will need:
Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Either a pin, hair clip, hair band, etc.

First cut out 4 circles of your chose of fabric. The bigger the size, the larger your flower will be.

Place a small amount of glue into the center of the fabric circles.

Next, fold the fabric circle in half and add another drop of glue.

Then fold the fabric in half again. Place another drop of glue on the middle of the fold.

Place another folded fabric circle on top of the glue and repeat to make a complete circle.

Next, cut out a circle of felt that is smaller than your flower.

Apply glue to the entire back of the felt and attach to the back of the flower.

Pick out a matching button and glue to the center.
Now you get to decide if you want to make it a pin, hair clip, headband, necklace, whatever.