Tuesday Tutorial: Eggstra Special Eggs!

How lovely!

With Easter right around the corner, who doesn’t want to dye eggs! Yes, I do understand and completely acknowledge the fact that I am an adult but I love decorating eggs! This year I decided to hand paint them in a few of this years hot trendy colors and of course add some sparkle to make them appear a bit more magical.

Here’s what you will need:

Thin paint brushes (because these are chicken eggs, not ostrich)
Acrylic paints in any color you choose
Paper towels to quickly erase mistakes
A cup of water to rinse your brush
Glitter spray paint if you wish

Step One:

Boil the eggs. Boom!

Step Two:

Wait until the eggs are warm enough to hold. I would not recommend waiting for them to cool completely only because the paint dries ten times faster when the eggs are warm. Grab your paint brush and paint away! If your design is something that requires some paint drying time, I recommend you find the cap to a bottle and set your egg on top of it. This little cap will act as a holder for your egg and has minimal contact with the egg, meaning minimal damage to the wet paint.

Step Three:

Let your eggs dry.

Step Four:

If you are feeling magical, grab the spray glitter and spray away. I kept all of my eggs in their crate and sprayed one side of the eggs, ate lunch, flipped the eggs and sprayed the other side. Done!

Step Five:

Hide your eggs for the little ones around you or for the big one next to you! Doesn’t matter who is looking for them because whoever finds them will be delighted!

Silvery Glitter

How much more fashion can you get with these eggs?

Glowing Gold Glitter

Love Spring!