Post It Note Packaging!!!


I love to buy presents for people whether it’s for a special occasion or not. What I don’t love is the part where I am supposed to buy wrapping paper. The cost of wrapping paper is ridiculous anymore and the designs don’t seem to be anything exciting. The other day I received my Everyday with Rachel Ray magazine and noticed that she had an entire section on decorating with Post It notes. The highlight of my work day, more often than not, is the product I create out of a Post It note. It can be tacked to my head with a witty comment written on it, write a “hello” and take a photo of it for a friend, and my memory is not my companion, making Post It notes my ultimate companion. Alas, we create phenomenal and personal gifting for friends and family. I am sure they will smile if you create a Post It note montage on their lovely gift.

What you will need:

Post It Notes


Brown Paper Bag, Inside Out (Mine is from the wonderful Trader Joes)

What you may also need:

Pencil, marker, crayon
These are used for either curling of paper or for actual detail on Post It Note paper.

Glitter just because glitter is pretty amazing


Idea 1:This flower was the simplest to create out of all of Polka Dot Tango’s ideas. If you are going to be creating a shape that can be used multiple times, simply un-stick however many Post Its you need in a group and cut them out all at once. This makes a task, such as a flower, easy to make as well as making the outcome very clean looking.


Idea 2: I used the similar strategy as the flower for the waves by grouping Post Its together and cutting the waves out. To create a very 3-D look I bent the entire sticky part of the Post Its down to create a solid base for them to stand up right.


Idea 3: This little bookworm is created by strips of Post Its. I’m not going to lie, this little bookworm was a little bit of a pain. It took me a while to figure it out, but make sure you make a solid bend on the sticky part and a small bend on the other end. When doing these Post It decorations, there needs to be enough sticky part directly onto the paper or else it will pop off easily.


Idea 4: For the butterflies, you can fold over one Post It note with the sticky side out (that way it doesn’t stick to itself) and cut out a butterfly shape with the sticky area where the thorax would be on the butterfly. For the larger butterfly, I did have to stick two Post Its (face to face) so that I created the same shape for each wing.



Idea 5: The piñata packaging wasn’t the most difficult but definitely the most tedious. All I have to say for this one is that if you have the time, do it! It looks even better in person.

It’s pretty neat to think that just a brown paper bag and some Post Its can create some fun ideas and endless possibilities. The next time you have a gift to wrap, stop and think if you have these items before you go out to the store. You will have a fun time creating it and saving the cha-ching!!


Tuesday Tutorial: Eggstra Special Eggs!

How lovely!

With Easter right around the corner, who doesn’t want to dye eggs! Yes, I do understand and completely acknowledge the fact that I am an adult but I love decorating eggs! This year I decided to hand paint them in a few of this years hot trendy colors and of course add some sparkle to make them appear a bit more magical.

Here’s what you will need:

Thin paint brushes (because these are chicken eggs, not ostrich)
Acrylic paints in any color you choose
Paper towels to quickly erase mistakes
A cup of water to rinse your brush
Glitter spray paint if you wish

Step One:

Boil the eggs. Boom!

Step Two:

Wait until the eggs are warm enough to hold. I would not recommend waiting for them to cool completely only because the paint dries ten times faster when the eggs are warm. Grab your paint brush and paint away! If your design is something that requires some paint drying time, I recommend you find the cap to a bottle and set your egg on top of it. This little cap will act as a holder for your egg and has minimal contact with the egg, meaning minimal damage to the wet paint.

Step Three:

Let your eggs dry.

Step Four:

If you are feeling magical, grab the spray glitter and spray away. I kept all of my eggs in their crate and sprayed one side of the eggs, ate lunch, flipped the eggs and sprayed the other side. Done!

Step Five:

Hide your eggs for the little ones around you or for the big one next to you! Doesn’t matter who is looking for them because whoever finds them will be delighted!

Silvery Glitter

How much more fashion can you get with these eggs?

Glowing Gold Glitter

Love Spring!