Rose and glitter skull shirt

This cute shirt is super simple to make, all you need are:

Black Shirt
Floral Fabric (i purchased mine from Hancock Fabrics)
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion
Tulip Shimmer Sheets
Skull pattern (I just pulled on off the internet)
Freezer paper (optional)

After printing out a skull pattern (which I altered to make heart shaped eyes), use an exacto knife to cut the pattern out of the shimmer sheet. Next, remove protective plastic from the shimmer sheet and iron onto the floral fabric. Then cut the fabric around it to give the skull a small border. Cut out a few of the actual flowers from the fabric itself to be later attached to the front of the shirt. You can’t tell in the images but the cross bones are actually cut out of the shirt and the fabric was then glued on the inside of the shirt. You can do this or just cut out the cross bones from the fabric and glue on top of the shirt. If you are going to be cutting out the bones into the shirt, I recommend tracing the crossbones onto a pieces of freezer paper and ironing it onto the shirt and then cutting out the pattern. This will help you get nice straight clean cuts. Next use the Fabric Fusion glue to glue on the fabric crossbones, skull, and cut our flowers. Once dry, I cut out the collar on the shirt to make it an off the shoulder shirt.


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