Tried it: philosophy’s clear days ahead

Junior high and high school was a bad time for my face. Acne was a huge problem that just would not go away. I was very excited when I finally got to see a dermatologist only to realize that we couldn’t afford their expensive facial products. During my senior prom and senior photos (which had to be photo-shopped) I was dealing with a pimple so bad that it took over 6 months for it to finally start going away. (3 of them merged into one giant monster.) So when I was finally able to afford better face products on my own, I decided to spent some big bucks on them.

I have for a few years now been using Clinique’s Acne Solutions regime, I was still having pimples pop up quite often. (Although I am in my late 20’s I still have this problem) It is also a bit too harsh for my skin. I can only use it once a day and even then there are time my face will start to dry out and peel. It will also irritate my cheek bones where it will hurt to put on makeup.

I recently decided to trade it in for the philosophy’s clear days ahead starter kit. It’s a 30 day trial that cost me $38.00. The box says “significantly reduces acne in 3 days without peeling or dryness.” It comes with 4 products. Step 1 (a.m. & p.m.) cleanser, step 2 (a.m.) treatment and moisturizer, step 2 (p.m.) acne treatment pads, and an acne spot treatment to use as needed. I’ve been using it for about a week and half now. I started out using the products day and night and my skin did clear right up but it dried out my skin a bit and made it feel scaly.  Although it states no peeling or dryness on the box, it does say on the product to reduce use to once a day or every other day if this happens. So I reduced to using it once a day, which resulted to pimples appearing back onto my face. With all that said, I still believe this is a great product. I expected the dryness to happen until my skin gets use to using the new product. I think it works great at clearing up skin and it works very fast. I would definitely recommend this product but I would recommend to by the starter kit first, as I did. If you are to buy all 4 products in their regular size, it will cost you $119.00!


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