Tutorial Tuesday: Creative Resumes

Applying for a new job can be quite stressful especially with the job market being as competitive as it is today. So many people are in need of a job that you may be 1 in 100 sending in your resume for a job position that just opened. When this is the case, your resume must make a great first impression. Employers typically scan over each resume for a few seconds and if they don’t see what they are looking for, it’ll be placed aside, so having a resume that stands out is extremely important. Your resume shouldn’t be the same for each job position you apply for. It’s important to tailor for each specific company/position you are applying for. I had the opportunity to apply for a job as “Design Studio Coordinator” where the position was coordinating the craft designers and photographers, so I took the time to make a creative resume for the position. It took a lot of time and effort but it all paid off.

I printed the front page on a pearl linen card stock.

The inside cover I printed a solid color. The pink lines are printed on vellum paper so that you can see through it.

About me page.

Here I explained my new experience with graphic design and pasted some samples onto the pages.

More graphic design.

Jewelry projects.

More jewelry and crafts.

More crafts.

Mini resume page.

For the back page I glued on a piece of die cut scrapbook paper.

Sorry that the photos do it no justice. I’ll replace them when I get the hang of my camera. =/


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