Thing to do Thursday: DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!

Dancing is great, whether it's by yourself or with someone you love.

This Thursday you should dance. Plain and simple. It has been a goal of mine for some time now to dance at least five minutes every day. No, I am not running into a club and gettin my groove on, but I am dancing everywhere. My iPod has become my right hand man with playlists such as: Old School, Beats, Me Music, Gangsta, Rock Out, and Relax. When one of these playlists come on I start to shake the youth and fun back into my life. I am a dork and I dance like one and I LOVE it! Dancing makes every mundane task turn into something a little more exciting!

Where can you dance and when?

Dance while brushing your teeth
Cleaning the house
Doing yard work
Dance out of bed in the morning
Dance your way to a hug
Dance on the way out of your office

Who do I dance with?

Dance by yourself (the absolute best and easiest option)
Dance with someone you love
Dance with your grandma
Dance with your friends
Dance with your dog
Dance with your kids if you have them
Take some advice from Pocahontas and dance with the wind!

What music should I dance to?

You need to dance to whatever will make you happy
Feeling extra girly, how about Madonna, Cindy Lauper
Feeling powerful and sexy turn on some Lady Gaga, P!nk, or Beyonce
Feeling like a bad a$$ and want to feel like a rebel, ummmm, yeah you need some Ozzy
Feeling like an OG then you need some Notorious BIG
Feeling sappy requires some Norah Jones
Any music will work!!!!

Of course there are some rules when you are dancing:

Don’t be embarrassed
There is no volume limit (but please care for your ears)
There is no wrong music
There is no wrong time
Just go with the flow
Have fun!

Take a look at some of these videos to get some inspiration and get your mojo moving 🙂


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