Fashion Friday- What’s In My Makeup Bag

What's In My Makeup Bag

Philosophy face makeup
$35 –
I love this powder. The built in sponge allows for easy and flawless application. SPF 15

This “industrial strength” concealer is the only one I’ve stuck with for some time.

I actually got this for free when I reached my 500 points at Sephora. It’s a peachy color, just what I was looking for.

Redness Solutions Makeup Clinique cosmetic
$26 –
This Redness Solution liquid foundation really helps soothe my skin. And it’s SPF 15

Erase Paste- Benefit Cosmetics concealer
$26 –
This is more creamy and for undereye circles.

Stila lip gloss makeup
$22 –
I love these lip glosses. I owe many colors.

Stila waterproof eye makeup
$20 –
This liquid eyeliner has the best applicator. It goes on smooth and it waterproof so it lasts all day.

Clinique lip treatment
$16 –
This lip pencil is great. I am not a big fan of lip stick, but this gives you the same color. I got it as a free gift with purchase and have been wanting to check out other colors.

bad gal Mascara
              This is the best mascara I have found so far. I like larger brush applicators like this one.

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