Things To Do Thursday: Bowlerama!

I’m in the midst of watching the Big Lebowski and drinking a beer to get into the right state of mind for this post. (Which in my opinion, is pretty much the best movie ever made!) Does anyone else get as excited about bowling as I do? It only got better with age when I realized there were bars in every bowling alley in Fresno. (Besides Fresno State)

I tend to get quite competitive when it comes to bowling, although I tend to lose every time. Even when losing the game, I still have a blast every time. It never gets old listening to the rumble of the bowling balls hitting pins all around you and watching the little animations on the screens after every turn. Bowling is great for the fact that you can play alone, with your significant other, or with a huge group of friends.

There are 4 bowling alleys in Fresno to check out.
Sierra Lanes- 6450 N. Blackstone Ave (Blackstone & Sierra)
Cedar Lanes- 3131 N Cedar Ave (Cedar & Shields)
Rodeo Lanes- 140 Shaw Ave (Shaw & Minnewawa)
Fresno State Recreation Center ( plus pool tables)

“F*#k it dude. Let’s go bowling.”- Walter Sobchak

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