Things To Do Thursday



“There’s never anything to do in Fresno.” I’d definitely be rich if I were paid for the number of times I’ve had to listen to someone say this sentence throughout my life. Back in the day when I actually had time for a social life and my bedtime wasn’t 9:00, I ALWAYS had something to do every night of the week. People either are too lazy to really find something to do or they aren’t open to trying new things and checking out new places where they aren’t sure what to expect. Although I won’t have time this week to do any of these things myself, I decided to do all the legwork for you for this upcoming week.


Today 8th: Fierce Creatures, Coast Jumper, & Royal Canoe are playing at Audie’s Olympic at 9:00 $5-8 tickets

Friday 9th: Rogue Festival in Tower. “Celebrating independent performance and art.” This festival started on the 1st and runs until the 10th. There are multiple events happening throughout each night at numerous locations.

Saturday 10th: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Fundraiser event hosted by The Junior League of Fresno. It’s a bit pricey at $50.00 but the money is for a good cause. 11am-2pm. Champagne, Fashion Show, Raffles, & Auction.

Sunday 11th:  The Stingray Bay opens back up at the Chaffee Zoo. It’s amazing to go and be able to touch all the stingrays as they swim by. I went a few months ago and there is one little ray that just loves attention! There are also sharks that you are suppose to be able to pet if you get lucky enough for them to swim near you.

Monday 12th: Monday’s are exhausting. Go home and read a book.

Tuesday 13th: Tuesday nights at Sierra Vista Cinemas, tickets are only $5.50.
The deal is even better when you have gift cards from X-mas to use!

Wednesday 14th: Open Mic Night with Tommy Delgado at Bablyon. 9PM
If they are anything like the Open Mic nights he use to host at Starline years ago, it could be a great time and they happen every Wednesday night!

Thursday 15th: Art Hop!
First Thursday of every month is in Tower.
Third Thursday of every month is in Fresno’s metro areas.
It runs from 5:00-8:00 and it’s FREE! There are many places to visit.
Check out the website for venues and details.


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